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Corporate Communications

My job as a science writer for the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Office of University Communications (OUC) – through a contract with DeVine Co – involves communicating complex scientific research done on campus via long-form written articles. My work has been published to be published on the main NPS site, in the monthly print newsletter Update NPS and on the front cover of the bi-yearly magazine In Review. My work has also been featured in CHIPS (the Department of the Navy's information technology magazine) and

This current job relates to my previous work as a corporate writer for the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication Communication's Office. It involved writing long-form stories for the SOJC main website but has also been picked up on UO's main news site Around the O and UO's alumni magazine Oregon Quarterly.

I've also gained corporate communication experience from being on the founding staff of Ocean Everblue – a marine conservation outreach organization. I designed the website and helped create their look.

While my passion is in journalistic writing, I'm interested in the idea of writing for scientific and/or environmental academic and research publications. The research that comes out of these publications are essential for improving daily life, so getting this information out to journalists and influencers is paramount.

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