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  • "Spotlight on Science" is a Daily Emerald podcast show on science told in a way listeners with less science background can understand and enjoy. I co-host the show with Franklin Lewis and Ryan Nguyen.

  • KQED is an NPR station based in San Francisco. It is the largest NPR station in the nation and its science desk is the largest science desk on the West Coast. "This Moment On Earth" profiled different people and their personal experiences surrounding climate change. Episodes aired on The California Report Magazine, which caters to 700,000 listeners weekly.

Great-Grandmother Examines "Planet Earth Screwed"

KQED This Moment On Earth

The published piece was narrated by TCR Magazine's Sasha Khokha, but I also narrated it for practice. Below is my narration of the piece.

My Narration - KQED This Moment On Earth
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