1st Weekend of Biological Illustration

I came into this class with an empty new sketchbook, not knowing what to expect. My illustration skills were minimal at best and I didn’t know how much they could be improved upon. As soon as I sat down I was emerged into drawing boot camp. I learned basic technical skills such as gesture drawing, negative space drawing, contouring and perspective. We drew skulls, each other (in stick figure form), our hands, the trees and buildings outside. I learned the main aspect about myself that was keeping me from being a better artist: impatience. I noticed very quickly that I had a habit of drawing things very fast and not taking the time to focus very hard on small aspects that make the difference

Day 1 of My Summer at OIMB

I am sitting at my desk in room 18 of the marine mammal and bird dorm building. There are currently only three other girls in the hall, most students are moving in tomorrow because they have no class until Monday. It is almost 9pm and the sun has recently set below the horizon, leaving a faint orange in the sky. My room is slowly getting darker and the only light source I will be able is my small desk light. The walls of the dorm building do not reach all the way to the ceiling, so as to use the communal hallway light as a method of lighting all of the rooms as well. But I don’t mind, especially because I have a room to myself. I have already marked my room as my own, adorning the bed with m

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