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My feature writing class was encouraged to check out "The Writing Desk" by John Updike, so I actually did.

Firstly, I'm disappointed by the person who said their copy was in "Very Good Condition" on Amazon and then sent me it with four pages missing. That's unkind. (Refund pending.)

I think that this book gives hope to the messy people of the world because any writer who keeps their station clean is not working hard enough (or has an amazing organizational method that I have not yet discovered.)

Though I love the look of typewriters and would love to own one of my own someday for the fun of it – they are at least around $150, usually more, so it'll be a while – I was hoping that there might be some more modern writers desks shown amongst the classics. Even more so, I'd like to see some writers who don't even stay home.

I, myself, have never been able to do extensive work at my own desk. I work best in coffee shops, where the productive bustling and the caffeinated air puts me in the zone. The ideal time is when there's so many conversations at once that you can't focus on any one of them. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys this atmosphere, as there's even YouTube videos of that noise (and yes, I've used them in desperate times when no coffee shops were in reach).

I get much more distracted in silence because every little noise is a big event. (I don't even have ADHD...I was tested.) My mom says I get distracted by air particles to which I respond "No, I get distracted by drifting dust particles in the sunlight."

If a future employer is reading this, I assure you I can work anywhere if need be. I have written anywhere from sitting on a rock next to a tide pool to in the school library.

I currently work at Expresso Roma right outside of the UO campus. The baristas know my order by heart and they sometimes force me to work on my Spanish.

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