Climate Change Faux Pas

Today my area of California experienced a large electrical storm from all the heat we have been having. It seemed to form right above the house; the deep rumbling freaked out my dogs. I didn’t think much of it because I assumed it would go away as quick as it appeared, so I started to head downtown to run errands. On the drive down, I noticed that many people were outside taking photos and videos of the storm (we don’t have these very often here). Lightning began lighting up the sky like it was trying to compete with the 4th of July. By the time I parked, it was down pouring. I ran to the entrance of Sur La Table, soaking wet. The only people in the store were three ladies who worked there.

What I Learned at OIMB (Besides the School Stuff)

1. Marine biology is hard. 2. Always step on the barnacles instead of the algae (they don’t get hurt as much as you think). 3. Just because a historical bell has never been broken doesn’t mean you can’t be the first. 4. Overalls and fun socks are cool. 5. Coffee shop noises can be found on YouTube and are helpful to study with. 6. Nudibranchs are cute as I’ll get at. 7. Ocean acidification is less known than it should be. 8. Much of research stats published are wrong (though we’re working on it). 9. Studying at the coast does not guarantee that you get to eat fish. 10. Cormorants are flying demon spawn and their projectile poop will ruin your car’s paint job. 11.

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