Becoming an Environmental Journalist with Help from SPJ

There have been times when I felt the fight against climate change was too big to handle. I avoided the talk of climate change and environmentalism. I was scared. Global climate change is arguably the largest threat to humanity, as Climate Central points out, and with the new administration, the situation only seems to get bleaker, especially since the United States is the second largest carbon emitter in the world. As a double major in marine biology and journalism, I would love to just focus on magazine design or discovering new organisms around hydrothermal vents. Yet I can’t stop being a part of the fight; it’s in my bones. That’s why I decided to add an environmental studies minor too.

Update: I Have Figured My Whole Life Out

So the title might be an exaggeration because who really has got their whole life figured out? Especially in college. However, I did figure out what I would like to do out of college. Before I reveal what it is, let me break down how I decided it. On Saturday I woke up at five in the morning to meet my journalism teacher and six other journalism students in the parking lot of the school at six. We were all going to Portland for the third annual SPJ (Society for Professional Journalists) conference, which started at 8am. The conferences title was “Build a Better Journalist” and featured panels from eight to five on different aspects of journalism. I knew I had to come when I heard that one of

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