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Forest of Emotions

The following pertains to an art piece called "Forest Seen(s)", which can be found at the University of Oregon Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art:

A hundred pieces blent together in the mind's eye to bring about the feeling of immersion into the forest. As clique as it sounds, the complexity of the piece brings me to tears. One could choose to look individually at each pieces, though to fully appreciate each would take hours. I began doing this before choosing instead to sit back and admire it all from afar.

While there were seats for viewing on the sides of the floor, I chose to site cross-legged on the ground far back from the piece. In a way, this is a beautiful way to see it. I have allowed the piece to loom over me, overcome me.

Patterns begin to emerge when you look long enough. Strong blues are represented by two pieces, while another hints at the color and three more display a softer blue tone. This is also done with oranges, reds, pinks, and lavenders. The background wall is a dark forest green and I wonder who chose to do that color. I think it fits.

The photos don't represent one forest, but many. There's aspens and oaks and water lilies. As an individual, I am brought to peace by this, yet humanity's love for nature is one of juxtaposition. We will praise its beauty, then cut it down.

I want to stay here, where people respect nature. Knowing I need to walk away makes me sad. But the more I write, the more I realize I allowed the painting to bring me into an idealistic revere that I can't rely on.

It's time to go.

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