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The Countdown

14 more days of school

7 more chemistry lectures

5 more non-class days

4 more writing classes

2 more grammar classes

2 more hip hop classes

2 lab practicals

2 finals

1 writing essay

Not that I am counting down or anything....

To be honest, I am very excited for the summer. I am ready for the California sun, for reuniting with my high school friends, and for spending more time with my family. Don't get me wrong, I love Oregon and the University of. There have been a lot of great memories from this year such as performing in Stanford for a football away game, going to the Life in Color concert with my friends, starting up Cascadia Magazine, signing the lease for the apartment next year and then going out to celebrate at Dairy Queen, attending the Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston for a weekend, going camping with my parents over a weekend, and going to Portland for a weekend with friends. There have also been some more difficult times such as failing Calculus fall quarter (my first class to fail ever), a last-minute back-out from getting a house next year, and an unsuccessful first seminar for the magazine. There were some points when I wanted to throw in the towel and take a one-way flight home, but I never gave up. I did my best to stay focused on my goals and dreams and, sure enough, I have almost made it through my first year of college. I beat the odds of passing the chemistry "weeder" course, which started out with 1800 students attending it and has now dropped to 300 students. I have successfully started my double majoring path, not an easy one, but one I am very passionate to pursue. I have excepted taking five years to finish my majors, instead of trying to cram it into four.

Now, I am excited to finish off the year strong and head home. I am excited to see my friends and to go to Canada with my family for a week. I am not completely excited to be taking calculus over the summer...but it is something I have got to do. I am excited to garden and read and go to the beach. I am excited to have my friends come down from Oregon to visit me. And at the end of the summer, I am excited to move into my apartment with my friends next fall.

So many adventures to look forward to, but one step at a time. First thing's first, I need to go to 7 more chemistry lectures, 4 more writing classes, 2 more grammar classes, and 2 more hip hop classes. I need to study for and take 2 chemistry lab practicals and 2 finals (chemistry and grammar). I need to write 1 more essay for writing. And then my dad will come and help me pack.

I got this...wish me luck!

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