Narrowing It Down

April 18, 2017



I can’t do everything if I want to do things well. I keep telling myself that. After all, I’m already double-majoring in two diverse fields, interning at a wetlands nonprofit, writing for an environmental publication, and trying to stay active in a climate change activism group. I’m also waiting to hear back to see if I got a paid internship position at the University’s Journalism school. All that while balancing a 16-credit course load means that I should be satisfied. Why, then, am I still wanting to do more? I feel the guilt in my stomach for not doing more. I feel the NEED to do more and I don’t know how to make it go away.


For starters, I’m interested in so many things:

  • Activism

  • Animals

  • Business Management

  • Climate Change

  • Cnidarians

  • Deep Sea Ecology

  • Echinoderms

  • Education

  • Environmental Journalism

  • Environmental Law

  • Environmental Politics

  • Feminism

  • Magazine Design

  • Reef Ecology

  • Renewable Energy

  • Reporting

  • Sustainable Living

  • Web Design

  • Writing

  • Youth


I want to get my feet wet in every interest, but I know I can’t. It’s in these moments when I wish I had Hermione’s time turner bracelet so that I could be in two places at once. Though I need to keep telling myself that I can’t dedicate myself to everything if I want to give those things justice. Every organization, company, and club that I am a part of was once someone’s dream that they made real. If I could make one of my entrepreneurial dreams real, I would want those who are a part of it to be dedicated in the position they were given. I don’t want to be one of those activists, employees, or members that slacks on their responsibility.


Therefore, I am currently waiting for walk-in hours at the journalism advising office to begin. I need help prioritizing and I know one of the advisors in there can help me because she has seen me before. While there are times when I feel like I might need a therapist, most of the time a guiding academic hand works better. I know I can do great things, but I need to narrow down which interests I intend on acting on.


Wish me good luck!

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